the pregnancy – a journey through postpartum depression


The pregnancy; it was a time of joy and concern.

All the signs were there, my husband was bugging me to take a pregnancy test. While he was busy on the phone I decided I would take the silly test and get it over with. I waited the required amount of time before I read the test. NEGATIVE! Perfect just what I had thought! Away in the trash it went.

10 mins later my husband bugged me about that silly test… I told him that I had taken one and that it was negative. If you knew my husband you would know how funny he can be at times. He told me that he wanted to make sure the test wasn’t expired and asked for the test and the wrapper that it came in. I was very annoyed by this request. How could he not trust me! well, away I went to the trash.

I handed him the wrapper as I told him that it wasn’t expired thus it being negative. As he took at the expiration date, I nonchalantly looked at the test again. To by disbelief it was POSITIVE! I was just shocked… my jaw dropped! My husband was over the moon, and I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head. “we’re not ready”, “how will be able to afford a child”, “how will we pay for daycare”, and the list went on…

After the news sunk in I was still trembling but happy about the unexpected miracle. Everyone was happy for us and life went on and we prepared for the addition.

We decided to find out that we were expecting a boy! Our little love bug! The pregnancy went very well. I only gained a total of 35 lbs, ensuring I ate healthy food and appropriate portions, ha ha.  I exercised 5 days a week for 1 hour. Ensuring that kept with my old routine but with modifications. As I got “large and in charge” my exercise went to simply walking for an hour.

Every time I went into my obstetrician’s office everything was just perfect! Perfect weight gain, perfect fundal length, perfect heartbeat, etc. I was extremely happy and thankful that I was able to keep up my exercise routine. It had been getting harder and harder to motivate myself to move for an hour, if you can just imagine.

We decided to get maternity pictures done. So I called up a good friend of mine and photographer at Raw Sugar Imagery .  I was 33 weeks and a few days when we had these done! Which ended up being a blessing… because the following week changed my life forever…


on the rock -1



One thought on “the pregnancy – a journey through postpartum depression”

  1. Awww! Thank you my dear friend! I’m so happy I could be there to document the beginning of your journey with your sweet boy. Looking back on these photos, you were my very first maternity session and I was extatic to be able to capture them for you. We have both come a long way since that day. ❤

    Much love


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