Elise – from surviving to thriving

Hello everyone, my name is Elise and I am the founder of Essentially Living Life. I am a wife, a mother, a medic and a mental health advocate. Currently in my tenth year in my medical career and throughly enjoy reaching out to people and offering them my help.  Trained as a primary care paramedic in advanced emergency care. I bring my conventional medical knowledge and passion for helping others as I share my journey of how these incredible natural tools have changed my life.

After the traumatic premature birth of my son, I started a long journey of postpartum depression and anxiety. After countless therapists, doctors, and pharmaceuticals I was done and exhausted with it all. While still being under medical care, I decided to change my mindset , lifestyle and incorporate essential oils into my life. Once did there was no turning back . now armed with experience and knowledge, I am on a mission to empower those who struggle with their mental health to overcome whatever they may be going through. If you have the right now and guidance the skies the limit.

My sense of humour and creative outlook on how to realistically transition your home and family into a more holistic environment is both refreshing and relatable to everyone I serve. Strong in my faith and whacky in my personality, I deliver my message through solid examples of how a combination of conventional medicine and holistic tools can help you transition from surviving to thriving.

You got this!

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