The Birth – a journey through postpartum depression

Caution: this blog post might be triggering for some people


I find it so ironic that when you are expecting your first child people always recommend that you attend a prenatal class. Both my husband and I being trained paramedics, we have done obstetric rotations… we knew the medical aspect of birthing. With that said, we still decided to attend a local prenatal class offered by public health. It was fun, we had some good times. did we learn anything? no. However, one thing that they do push towards is having a birth plan. Know what you want…. What kind of birth do you want… do you want family there? And the list goes on. I did not really have a plan. Just basic generic stuff. But the more I thought about it, the more I decided, “okay I’m running the show, this is how its going to happen.”  Boy was I wrong…

I was 34 weeks pregnant, I had a doctors appointment and my obstetrician checked everything with his fancy little ultrasound machine in his office. “EVERYTHING IS PERECT”, he would tell me. This was always a great relief, so I went home and back to my day to day activities which still included full work days. This was okay, I was getting really tired in the afternoon but my work was very accommodating. The following day I remember dropping off some stuff after work at a friends house. She too was expecting a baby and I had gotten some free baby stuff for her. After that visit I went home to cook supper. As my husband and I ate our supper on the couch, I remember telling him that I had just peed myself.  I was so upset, upset that I didn’t even feel the urge to urinate. It was normal for me to have a weak bladder at this point in my pregnancy…but not to the point of being incontinent. I went upstairs to the bathroom to sort myself out. Nothing was out of the normal initially, so I took my time. Once I was “done” I got up … my heart sank and I screamed!! The toilet bowl was FILLED with blood! My husband ran upstairs, and then rushed me to the local emergency room (rural) which was thankfully only 2 minutes away.

Once I got to emerged I swiftly waddled my way to triage and told them I was having third trimester bleeding. Immediately, they rushed me into a room where I could get into a exam robe. My wonderful husband was helping me undress and get into a robe. As I removed my pants, I saw a good litre of blood pour out of me… all down my legs and on my clothes. I screamed in fear as I shook, my husband held me up. Nurses rushed in to see what was going on. They immediately laid me on the exam bed. I had several doctors come in an assess the situation. There was no going back. I was rushed to the hearest General Hospital to be assessed by my obstetrician. I faintly remember in the ambulance the nurse was asking me if I was having contractions… I told her yes because I could feel squeezing in my abdomen followed by a gush of fluid between my legs, but there wasn’t much pain.  I was getting weak, things were blurry. My husband was such a huge support for me, but he feared for our lives.

After arriving at the nearest general hospital my obstetrician was waiting there for me. He was absolutely confused as to what could of happened. He confirmed that with what he could see that I was a grade 3.  I was so out of it at this point. My husband had to tell me all about it again because my memory was not really there. My doctor mentioned that I needed to be rushed to the a the Ottawa General Hospital (Ontario, Canada). My son would need to have access to CHEO’s (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) NICU, because the hospital that we were at were not equipped for premie babies.  We were located 2 hours north west from there. But because of the shock that I was in and the severity of the blood loss (and still loosing) my doctor mentioned that we would not survive the 30 minute helicopter flight down to Ottawa. They asked for my blood type and prepped for an emergency cesearian section.

As they rushed me down the hallways and into elevators my husband almost missed the boat because he was trying to get himself all scrubbed up. He mentioned to me that I was getting my spinal anesthesia, and if I wasn’t getting numb fast enough for them I would be put totally under and my husband would no be able to be present for the birth. Apparently for my husband, waiting in that hallway was the longest wait of his life.

I specifically remember this part… they were constantly pinching my abdomen to see if I was numb. As soon as I said I can’t feel it, they began to cut me open…and then the curtain went up… that memory was not a good one for me for the longest time.

hospital -1

My doctor told me (afterwards) that my amniotic sac had not broken and all that I felt was my placenta ripping off the uterine wall.  That mental picture haunted me.. but I had asked for those answers. Three quarters of my placenta had ripped of. The cause is still unknown… I do not fall into any of the “high risk” category.

That night my son Benjamin was born. 4 lbs 15 oz. he was a small little guy. But had a strong cry! Thank goodness! Doctors were please and he would not have to be sent to the children’s hospital. I truly believe that being physically active during my pregnancy enabled my son to be as strong as he was.

My son and I are alive today thanks to a doctors swift decisions… I am forever grateful. But this is when the true battle began…


for more information on abruptio placentae;


How stress affects the body

According to the national Institute of mental health, 75 to 90% of all doctor visits in the US are stress related ailments and complaints. Sometimes major life events, such as divorce, loss of a loved one, financial problems, the birth or loss of a child, can combine with genetic or biological pre-dispositions to prompt I stress related health crisis. Our culture often encourages a dependence on doctors, drugs, and healthcare systems to fix and heal these physical and emotional ailments . Yet it is widely known and excepted within the medical community that learned behaviors and lifestyle choices, such as poor stress management, in adequate nutrition, physical in-activity, insufficient sleep, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, are major contributors to illness and diminished quality of life. I don’t know about you but I don’t see a huge need for medical intervention here. Why do we fixate on diagnosis and treatment, whereas a wellness lifestyle focuses on education self awareness, and prevention. And I am on a mission to provide that!!!! Why would we merely treat a disease and symptom. What we should be doing is exploring the lifestyle that causes it and addressing what lies beneath the disease and it symptom. Our thoughts, feelings, believes, habits, and choices are fueling the fires of inflammation, pain, toxicity, and illness in our bodies. By addressing the root causes of these diseases rather than merely treating the symptoms we can assist the body and healing itself!!!!!

Supporting Family Healing

How I support our families healing. Firstly I work very hard to reduce our toxic load and ease stress on our body systems. I explain it to them like this. Our bodies all have their our individual personal army. But we only have one and it protects and fights on behalf of us against all and any threats. Weather they are chemical threats like stress and emotional imbalance or a physical cut scraped bruise or boo boo. But also a threats from a potential germ invasion 😳🤒😷 even potential genetic traits can be allowed to develop fully.
So if our bodies are taxed by trying to manage our every day life choices. That tax on our system weather it’s from synthetic fragrance, chemical based products, inflammatory foods, foods that encourage overproduction of mucus, caffeine that simulates our bodies synthetically and can irritate emotional imbalances. The list could go on and on and ON. We are reducing our army’s resources taxing it and spreading our army very thin throughout our bodies. This does not then allow for much retroactive work! Or allow it very effective defences in our everyday life.
I am very conscious with our diet and the products used in our home. I research and use high quality targeted age appropriate supplements to support their specific needs. I do extra things daily like spraying our beds with a on guard sheet spray to protect us form any allergens that may have been trying to settle in our beds.
I have the kids regularly smell our apothecary of essential oils and have them share the oils they are drawn to as well as the ones they are not digging that day. I turn to my incredible emotions and Essential Oils wheel to see how best to support them that day. If there is a real heavy emotion attached to a oil that day. I try to carefully give some support in that area throughout our day and give them the opportunity to talk if they are feeling moved to do so. This is a area that I would say has made some of the deepest change. The insightful deep meaningful conversations that I have been blessed to share with our boys as a result of the essential oils are invaluable and immeasurable. We have prayer and quite time together daily to ensure we all remain connected to our faith and find peace in our day with him. We stretch our bodies and do deep breathing exercises as a family in our first school break. We use prayer and positive affirmation to begin encouraging new emotional track work and chemical reactions within our body as they rally to the various causes of our day that happen both to us and around us. I try to ensure their day flows with consistency so they may find comfort in expectation of what’s to come and know what to expect and what’s expected of them.
Lastly I’m human and when I fail I try to be vulnerable honest and offer sincere apologies. I try to talk at their level obviously and ensure it appropriate about what might be going on with me and how I might be feeling. Kids often have these big feelings and emotions running around their heads that they couldn’t even begin to explain or put words to because they don’t understand them or where they came form. Including them on my emotional process and how I connect feelings to events and experiences allows them to explore their little lives and gives him an example about how they might begin to unpack what might be bothering them.



the pregnancy – a journey through postpartum depression


The pregnancy; it was a time of joy and concern.

All the signs were there, my husband was bugging me to take a pregnancy test. While he was busy on the phone I decided I would take the silly test and get it over with. I waited the required amount of time before I read the test. NEGATIVE! Perfect just what I had thought! Away in the trash it went.

10 mins later my husband bugged me about that silly test… I told him that I had taken one and that it was negative. If you knew my husband you would know how funny he can be at times. He told me that he wanted to make sure the test wasn’t expired and asked for the test and the wrapper that it came in. I was very annoyed by this request. How could he not trust me! well, away I went to the trash.

I handed him the wrapper as I told him that it wasn’t expired thus it being negative. As he took at the expiration date, I nonchalantly looked at the test again. To by disbelief it was POSITIVE! I was just shocked… my jaw dropped! My husband was over the moon, and I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head. “we’re not ready”, “how will be able to afford a child”, “how will we pay for daycare”, and the list went on…

After the news sunk in I was still trembling but happy about the unexpected miracle. Everyone was happy for us and life went on and we prepared for the addition.

We decided to find out that we were expecting a boy! Our little love bug! The pregnancy went very well. I only gained a total of 35 lbs, ensuring I ate healthy food and appropriate portions, ha ha.  I exercised 5 days a week for 1 hour. Ensuring that kept with my old routine but with modifications. As I got “large and in charge” my exercise went to simply walking for an hour.

Every time I went into my obstetrician’s office everything was just perfect! Perfect weight gain, perfect fundal length, perfect heartbeat, etc. I was extremely happy and thankful that I was able to keep up my exercise routine. It had been getting harder and harder to motivate myself to move for an hour, if you can just imagine.

We decided to get maternity pictures done. So I called up a good friend of mine and photographer at Raw Sugar Imagery .  I was 33 weeks and a few days when we had these done! Which ended up being a blessing… because the following week changed my life forever…


on the rock -1


Pick me up – cheer & motivate

cheer and motivate

Well the other day I was having a rough start. I think some people can relate to that. When you just want to stay in your pyjamas and not want to get anything done. Enter Cheer and Motivate! These are great (prediluted) roller bottles with doTERRA’s essential oil blends.

CHEER  – This blend promotes a feeling of optimism, cheerfulness and happiness. Great for when your feeling down, blue or in a low. This was exactly how I was feeling…  The aromatic description is; Fresh, spicy, warm.

MOTIVATE – This blend promotes a feeling of confidence, courage and belief. If there is any sense of doubt, pessimism, or cynicism, this would be the blend for you. The aromatic description is; Fresh, clean, minty.

I applied cheer to the base of my skull and behind the ears. Motivate was applied at my radial pulse points. Roughly a half hour later, I felt like I had a little pick me up. This was exactly what I needed!


Let’s just face it….

Let’s just face it… we tend to neglect our face. I don’t know about you but for me its one of the first things that I tend to let go. Self care when you are a busy tends to be the last thing you want to do… We typically say that we do not have the time for it. But as a busy mom, I need to understand that it’s extremely important to take care of myself. If I can not take care of myself, then how can I take care of others.

Today’s self care;

Detoxifying Face Mask

Clay face masks are a great way to rid your skin of toxins and increase the blood flow. Here is my DIY secret;


  • Clay Powder
  • Vitamin E
  • HD Clear, Essential Oil Blend
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Geranium Essential Oil
  • Frankincense Essential Oil

(description of each at the bottom of this page)

Wash your face thoroughly. You can use any cleanser that you like or
you can use the mild face scrub recipe (link to come) that I use!

In a bowl, mix in 1.5 tbsp of clay powder, 2 droppers of Vitamin E,
1 drops of Lavender Essential Oil, 1 drop of Geranium Essential oil,
and 1 drops of Frankincense.


Add just enough filtered water to create a nice paste.


Apply to your face and neck. Be careful around the eyes, nose
and mouth. Leave it on for roughly 10 minutes. After that time wash off with a lukewarm water and a clean washcloth.

Note: your face may be red, this is caused by the increase blood flow.
Not to worry unless your face is burning. In that case wash off
and contact your doctor.You may have a sensitivity to one of the


Once the mask is washed off, pat dry. Finally, apply some HD Clear to your face.


Clay – Removes toxins, increase circulation, decreases inflammation, exfoliates, tightens pores, absorbs excess oil.

Bentonite Clay (green)- good generic clay, and for oily skin.

Blue Clay – most potent and highest in detoxification effect.

Kaolin Clay (white) – least absorbent, great for sensitive, irritated, dry, aged skin.

Yellow Clay – for oily sensitive skin.

Red Clay – for normal, dry and dull skin.

Pink Clay – for sensitive skin.

Lavender Essential Oil – great for soothing skin irritations, and reduces the appearance of skin imperfections.

Geranium Essential Oil – great smoothing effect, and beautifies skin.

Frankincense Essential Oil – reduces the appearance of blemishes and rejuvenates skin.

Vitamin E – blocks free radicals to help reduce wrinkles and keep skin young-looking.

HD Clear smooths out imperfections on your face.  This essential oil Blend helps keep skin clear, clean and hydrated.


Wooly Traditions

The reasons as to why I chose the name “Wooly Traditions”…

You know when your grand-mother or other relative makes you something… mostly knits, they are so soft and comfy and just heart warming. A lot of people these days always talk about how they grand-mother or mother use to knit. It always seems to bring a nice warm fuzy feeling…

Back in the day people had to make their own things… it was either way to expensive to buy or the manufacturing process was not quite in place yet. It was sort of a survival mode. If you wanted to  have a pair of socks to keep you warm you had to make them. So in a way it became somewhat of a “tradition” if I can put it that way. Also, they only had access to natural fibres and thus wool was more prominent and easy to work with (unlike linen).

So there we have it… simple reason as to why I chose the name “Wooly Traditions” for my micro business.

I absolutely love working with natural fibres and incorporate them into my crafts in various ways.